Piano Lessons, Recording Studio, and Live Jazz in Auckland

Musician / Educator / Mentor

Introducing Auckland-based pianist, producer and musician, Timothy William. A musical personality involved in a variety of musical projects; as a solo artist, both live and studio session work, piano teacher and industry mentor.

Piano Lessons Auckland

Discover modern and enjoyable piano lessons in Auckland tailored for learners of all ages and stages. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, our expert piano teacher Timothy William uses innovative methods to enhance your playing skills and musical understanding, making each lesson a delightful experience.

Recording Studio Auckland

Bridge Studios offers a boutique recording studio experience in Auckland, featuring a specialized keyboard lab perfect for musicians and producers. Ideal for tracking instruments and vocals, our studio provides a professional environment for mixing, editing, and additional production, helping you achieve the perfect sound.

Keyboard Rental Auckland

Specializing in reliable and niche keyboard rental in Auckland, we provide backline hire services for pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers. Whether for a stage performance or studio session, our range includes well-maintained instruments from top brands, ensuring high-quality sound and performance.

Live Jazz Auckland

Elevate your event with tailored live jazz music in Auckland. Our musicians are skilled in providing an elegant soundtrack for corporate events, weddings, and more. Experience the sophisticated ambience of live jazz, meticulously crafted to enhance your special occasions and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

"Timothy William is an expressive, high energy keys player with stylish stage presence and a soulful vibe. It was a pleasure touring New Zealand with him."
- Shez Raja, UK Jazz Artist
"Tim is an understated musician, he is by far the most competent and imaginative players that I have had the pleasure to work with. "
- Christopher Reed, Singer/Songwriter
"Tim’s tenacious approach to modernizing the jazz standard repertoire rivals that of a mad Pit-bull on the Posties leg! [Tim’s] undeniable energy and passion for improvising lead him to realizing his maximum potential in every performance."
- Ron Samson, Head of Jazz Studies, University of Auckland