Metal Roofing Material Cost

Metal roofing cost is below average in roofing material costs in the market today. Sheet metal roofing used to be mainly in the market of commercial building, with panels used for warehouses and barns more than other types of building. Becuase of  development of new designs and finishes, there are more potions in metal roofing materials, drawing a new market for the product. Not only are metal roofing materials being used in the old commercial building, but they are also being used for office complexes and even residential housing since they new styles lend a modern look and appeal to the architecture of those building.

Types of Metals and Designs

There are different types of metals used in metal roofing which affects the metal roofing material cost for consumers. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in metal roofing panels and is the least expensive, running around three dollars and fifty cents per square foot. Roofing panels usually come in one hundred square foot panels so the cost per panel is three hundred fifty dollars which is reasonable in the roofing market today.

The most expensive metal used in roofing panels as far as metal roofing material cost goes is the copper roofing material which can cost up to eleven hundred dollars per panel which is quite a difference from the aluminum panels. Another factor affecting metal roofing material cost is whether the panels are standing seam panels. Standing seam panels hook together in a side by side fashion and are fastened so that the fasteners are concealed from view. This makes the standing seam roof seem like it is composed of solid sheets of metal rather than panels.

Metal roofing material cost can also be affected if the panels are ‘cool metal’ panels which are treated with a heat deflecting metal coating so that the metal roof does not absorb the heat from the sun but rather deflects it, keeping the inside of the building cooler. Although this type of panel is more expensive at the outset, it saves more money in the long run in cooling costs. In addition, there are insulated panels that also cost more initially, but save the consumer money in the long run on heating and air bills. In addition, in considering metal roofing material cost, the consumer must realize that a metal roof will usually last forty years with minimal maintenance costs, which also saves money in comparison to traditional roofing methods.

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